Finture.AI Facts
  • 201
    men years' experience
  • 68K
    ai models benchmarked
  • 55PB
  • 150M

Who we are

We are Finture.AI - specialists in integrated Big Data analytics. Our passion is the monetisation of online data sets. We aggregate data from internal BI, CRM and ERP systems, or 3rd party client apps. We enrich your data by using external sources to create competitively inquisitive, predictive data models. Our AI solutions and Data Science services optimise business processes to get tangible, financial and organisational benefits from huge data sets.

We are a dedicated team of data scientists providing consulting services for leading financial institutions and FinTech – particularly banks, insurers and debt collection agencies. We live and breathe data. We love design. A combination of both delivers high performance AI solutions and new business models for a range of industry sectors.

We partner with world-renowned centres of excellence in data science, ML and deep learning: The Polish Academy of Sciences, University of Warsaw and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

Our Partners

Partnership models

Data Science Workshop​

Not sure how data science can positively impact your business? Or maybe you don’t have your own data science team or sufficient in-house resources to implement a complex AI ​​project?

Our one-day workshop on Big Data Analytics is a unique opportunity for you to learn what it’s all about. During the meeting, we map critical KPIs – ultra intelligent solutions and how they can support your company, business process automation, increase revenue or reduce operating costs. We assess, scope and define the role for AI and prepare a summary report on how it can contribute to optimising your business.​


  • research
  • evaluation of current solutions​
  • recruitment / employment
  • cost-benefit assessment​​

The key goal of the workshop is to identify areas and processes where the implementation of advanced AI/ML solutions can lead to a significant increase in revenue and reduction of operating costs.

Embedded Team

We run your AI project from start to finish. Our specialists join your team for the duration of the project.

Use this model when:

  • you do not have your own data science team​
  • you have an analytics team, and you want to capacity build it with AI
  • you want to focus on your core strengths and outsource analytics to AI experts​

Outsourcing your project brings the following benefits:

  • access the very latest AI expertise
  • reduction in managerial costs​
  • minimised risk of project failure

We use the latest Agile methodologies to rapidly develop bespoke, complex data solutions, and align outcomes with your expectation. Our solutions make the difference.

Team Augmentation​

We increase your team’s capacity with additional data science experts.

You have your own project team, and you want to either increase its capacity or upskill it with AI and ML.

When to use this model:

  • you already have a data science team but you want to increase a short-term capacity
  • you need to complement your own team with increased knowledge and skills
  • you want to retain control, but outsource certain project elements

We invoice time and materials on a monthly basis.

Scope of expertise


Data Science

Predictive analytics
  • anti-churn
  • automated retention
  • demand management​
  • recommendation engines
  • intuitive CX​
  • commercially optimised VX
  • stock management
Computer Vision​
  • object recognition
  • anomaly detection
  • medical diagnostic
  • damage type qualification for insurers
Natural Language Processing
  • call center transcript analysis​​
  • paper documents data extraction
  • sentiment analysis
Our Stack
Data Engineering
  • data acquisition
  • API & ETL
  • data preprocessing
  • data migration & integration
  • maintenance & governance
  • architecture
Solutions & Products
  • data visualisation​​
  • data-driven apps & software
  • interactive reports
  • DB warehouses
  • BI integrations

Intuitive process

We use psychometric and Lean Design techniques to create five-dimensional, algorithmic data models. You’ll be involved in a Big Data dialogue – to make sure we deliver the solution for you.

DATA COMPLIANCE Confidentiality is at the heart of what we do – we treat our Clients’ proprietary information in the strictest confidence. The first step is to sign a NDA. Our solutions are GDPR-friendly, and fundamental personal data protection rights are ensured.
DATA SAMPLES Data samples are gathered from Clients’ and 3rd party sources. We design the data collection process for each individual project and its objectives. You are unique.
PROOF OF CONCEPT From concept to deployment, PoC is an essential step. It demonstrates the capability of AI as a technology, and the quick wins it can deliver. This way, we offer more immediate, concrete value.
PROJECT Successful delivery of the complete solution.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT There’s always room to improve. We make small, incremental tweaks to our data models as we refine the process. We arrange meetings to discuss larger challenges and changes. We build a close working partnership with you. We routinely update you on projected outcomes and impact.

Case Studies

To predict the future, we’re continually developing our data models and designing new algorithms. We’re always on the lookout for new data-driven opportunities.